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Iris Moon

First off, I just have to say I love her name – Iris Moon. It’s her bona fide real name too. If I were going to choose a brand-new name for myself, it would be Iris Moon. It’s short, but so original, playful, dreamy and clever.

Iris Moon loves my name too. When she decided to start a blog, she wanted to name it Knitnut. She checked around and discovered it was taken – by me. So Iris Moon named her blog Bumps and Loops instead, and started reading my blog.

Iris Moon's Pinky-Purply Magenta Square in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

Iris Moon's Pinky-Purply Magenta Square in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino

Iris Moon has been knitting for about four years now, but is currently more interested in spinning than knitting. She knit two squares for this blanket. The pinky-purply one (magenta?)  is a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. The stripey one is a handspun merino, but she doesn’t remember the fiber source. They’re both lovely and soft.

Iris Moon (see how much I love that name? I can’t stop saying it.) lives in the mountains of Virginia with her husband, Jim, who is a psychologist in a local mental hospital, two parakeets (Poppyseed and Skittles) and a cat. She has a grown son, John, who works as a graphic artist and who bought – and lives in – the house that Iris Moon grew up in.

She says she was her  ‘father’s son’ in that he taught her all the things he’d have taught a boy – woordworking, knot tying, animal husbandry, gardening. As a result, there’s not much she can’t do for herself. In addition to knitting and spinning, she can sew, do watercolor painting, stained glass work, metal work, and pottery.

Iris Moon's Handspun Merino Square

Iris Moon's Handspun Merino Square

She used to be the technology director for an international boarding school for young people with learning disabilities, and she and her husband plan to retire in the not-too-distant future to a condo in St. Pete’s, Florida.

She says she loved working on the Zoom blanket project, “because  I had a chance to interact with a bunch of really nice women for a project that may have meant even more to me than to you.”

Thank you, Iris Moon.


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The Zoom blanket gets a blog!

The purpose of this blog is to share my extraordinary blanket with the wonderful women who made it for me.

Most of the women who helped make this blanket have never seen the final product, other than in photos. I want to give them all a better sense of how truly lovely it is. It’s gorgeous. It’s infused with so much feeling, and I derive a great deal of happiness and comfort from it.

My plan is to showcase a different square every few days. Since this blanket is as much about the women who created it as it is about the final product, I’d like to showcase each knitter along with her square. I’ll post a photograph and information about the square (eg the type of yarn and stitch used and whatever else you can think of), and a profile of its knitter, along with a link to her blog if she has one.

I’m going to have to ask for some more help from the knitters in order to do this well. I have names to go with all the squares, but beyond that my information is a little patchy and inconsistent. It would be really helpful if each of you were to email me (zoomery@gmail.com)  and provide me with some information about your square, your yarn and yourself.

Just share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with – a paragraph or three (or five) about you and your life – for example, where you live, what your life is like, why you knit, what else you do,  your philosophy of life, your favourite joke or quote, what you like best about yourself, what you want to do with the rest of your life, why you got involved with the Zoom Blanket project, your most comforting comfort food, your eccentricities, your cat’s eccentricities, a list of things you love, your To-Do list – anything you want, as long as it gives us a sense of who you are. You can do it in point form or in paragraphs. Attach a photo of yourself, if you like. Please don’t forget to include the name and address of your blog – I want to list them all over there in the sidebar.

There’s no rush, but hopefully there will be one or two of you who are willing to go first, so we can get started.

Thank you!



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